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Belle Lockerby Author for Creating Confident Mid Life Women

Belle Lockerby

Whoever she is dealing with, Belle knows the words we speak to ourselves and each other are the key to confidently building value - in business and in life.


Her books tackle transformative change with humour and heart.


Her newest book, The Words The Caterpillar Ate weaves in practical personal development tools designed to improve our understanding of communication & the challenges it brings, whilst with Awkward is the New Brave is a personal memoir demonstrating her commitment to change - jam packed with lived and breathed stories of courageous conversations, and overcoming adversity.


Belle is prone to dropping f-bombs - both the faith and the fork kind, so if you are easily offended, best you scroll on by - Belle brings her whole self to the table, not just the highlight reel


The Words The Caterpillar Ate

Put yourself on a word diet

It's The Very Hungry Caterpillar with a personal development spin for women.

Belle breaks down why words are key to enabling rich and rewarding change in this book which seeks to give age-old dictionaries an opportunity for a makeover - starting with our internal ones.



Awkward is the New Brave

Wipeouts happen, get back up anyway

Being visible is not about glitz and glam, but owning who you truly are.

In her literary debut, Belle walks her talk with a shield of humour and sword of honesty as she has courageous conversations to overcome what can only be described as a series of adversity wedgies dished out in life.

Perfect for women over 40 who are starting over, need a good laugh, a good cry & are okay with flawed, real and raw humans who occasionally swear.