I might be about to piss Dads off – with tough love.

Before you read this, I'm going to ask you to read it consciously. I'm going to ask you to read and listen for your own internal justification that says "that's not me, or I can quit anytime, or this woman has no idea what she's talking about, or "yeah but" or "gee,...

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I love you, too

But before you hang up, perhaps I should have said this: Let's make a plan. When I come see you tonight, when we do a little cooking, we should work out birthday celebrations. I know it seems a long way off, but 11th August will come around quick. Perhaps we should...

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Occasionally I write posts directly to facebook or instagram - more mini blogs instead of big blogs. I thought I'd start to share some of the more impactful ones here on the site. Feel free to follow me over at facebook, or share with someone you feel might benefit...

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The war on God

*trigger alert* I don't even know why, but for some reason, when I was little, my Mum thought it wise to tell me that she had watched The Exorcist, and that she thought I was going to go all Linda Blair on her ass as a five year old. This confession to me, caused two...

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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

There is a Japanese proverb, "Nana korobi ya oki”, which when translated means something close to seven falls, eight get ups. Same goes for me and trying to learn to surf. Trying to life, really. Seven falls, eight get ups. I didn't just grab a board, head out into...

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Dear Faux Bro

My Dad had this saying when I was growing up that stayed with me. He would say "it's quality, not quantity". I always always thought he was talking about my love of K-Mart vs. his love of David Jones (back then it was Aherns in Perth). For whatever reason, I was...

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