This is My Person

See the glint in the eye of the girl blowing the yellow ballon? She is my person. See the little girl in the checkered dress? That's me, watching my person, my big sister, intently. With awe. Before I decided to take to my hair with a pair of scissors and chop it all...

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The Death Punch

***trigger alert*** 25 years ago I grabbed the keys to my black death trap but uber cool Convertible VW Beetle. I started to head to the door, to go and see my Mum.  She'd called earlier in the day to say I love you. I'd said I love you back, and had organised to go...

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How to have a growth filled year

Spoiler alert:  This is not all about growing the top line, or the bottom line in your biz.... Let's talk about growing your heart line instead... First, the back story... It's been a little tradition of mine to get back into writing mojo on New Year's Eve - having a...

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6 Ways Being a Business Owner Makes Me a Better Mum

Being a mum is hard.   Being a business owner is hard.   Combine the two and you’ve got a swirling, bubbling cauldron of challenges to navigate.   But you know what? Over the 6 years, I’ve been working for myself, I discovered something strange.  ...

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Why you should do you

Oh hey! You may not remember me from shampoo commercials in the late 90's. Probably because my "what an amazing blow out" face is not really shampoo commercial material - so I was never in them - haha!  Could never quite get the sexy pout right... I looked more like I...

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