Fact: Customer relationships matter

(hello captain obvious)

Your business does not exist without customers.   And more importantly, your customer’s needs matter.  Helping them solve their problems is the key.  Now they might have base needs, like being hungry or thirsty and need food or water, or they might need knowledge, like how to assess an idea and build it around the school run.

Either way, developing that customer relationship needs them to get to know you.  They need to know your personality, your value, your quirks.  It’s a little like business dating.

Fact: Asking your customers for an email might feel like going straight to third base on the first date


It’s a bit like choosing between Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.  Or ScarJo and Melissa McCarthy.  All talented, just some you may want to get to know a little bit more before you grant access to your inbox (ooh cheeky!????)

The same with customers.  If they are new to your site, or your business, they will be doing their own assessments and looking for ways to work out if you are both a good business problem/solution match before handing over their much loved email.  Like checking your brand, your content, tone of voice, and offer.

It also means that working out their problems can take a lot more time – days or weeks vs. a few minutes.

So when our time is so precious and we risk investing it with the wrong people (customers and providers alike), how can you fast track your fit?   Here’s how…

Fact: You can build a customer relationship quickly sans email

What’s that I here you say?  No email?   But how will they get to my sales funnel or sales pitch?

Here’s five ways to do build that first date relationship with your customer

  1. Free Facebook community group.   I know that groups have been around for a few years now, yet it is true that you can start to learn about your customers by inviting them in and having some well scheduled topics for discussion to nurture the interaction and growth.  This is free to set up, and with an auto scheduler like hoot suite or buffer.  Also, you can add in files that your community can download.  No email necessary…  I have the free POSSE community, plus course communities for paid products like artpreneur mumpreneur
  2. Facebook live.  OK so a little Facebook fan here.  Doing your first FB live can be scary, so why not do it in the comfort of your community group.   You become real, really quick, and can even verbally provide your audience a password
  3. Get your text on.  Yep.  Services like Directsms.com.au (Australian market only peeps) allow your customers to send inbound texts, and then with the use of keywords, you can send them the appropriate response back.  Bit like an email sequence, but without the email.  I found text messaging worked really well for reminders about live workshops, or for broadcasting exclusive events where a booking link was included.  Talk about booking out in minutes!
  4. Show how many lovers you have.  Not the ooh you are a total playgirl/boy. Keep those for a different Testimonials can be a great way to help move you from business mouse to powerhouse.  So, wherever you get good feedback, be sure to get it out there.  Nothing beats word of mouth. – customer love is your best asset – show it off!
  5. Bot your brand.  My personal fave.  In the days of instant gratification, the speed at which you can learn about your customer, their pain points, entertain them, virtual huggle them and delight them is amazing.  Whether you are a bricks and mortar business, an online business, have a product or a service, bots are set to revolutionise our pace of engagement. If you would like to learn more about bots and branding, you can see mine in action by clicking here


FACT: Learning about your customers should be fun

I know that you can be hustling really hard to build your business – whether it is online or offline.  I also know that staying in tune with your customers and their needs is an important part to business longevity.  But if you are really feeling like getting customer engagement is out of reach, then let’s have some fun and see how I can help you.  Meet my HOTBOT right  here

I’d love to know if you are using any of the above strategies, and which ones work best for you.  feel free to leave a comment below.