Mandurah Start Up Smart Creatives

Hello business building souls!

I’m Belle – the creator and facilitator behind Start Up Smart Creatives (plus a few other cool programs).

I’m pleased to offer you a place in the sponsored face to face Start Up Smart Creatives Program – and support you on your journey.

We have had over 50 applicants, and will run 2 programs (provided we have more than 18 people confirm for Tuesday Evening)

To save you going to the bottom of the page, here are the booking links:

Tuesday 10am Session (only 24 slots available)

Tuesday 6pm – 8:30pm Session

** please note we need minimum of 18 committed individuals for the evening session to run and be viable.   If the session does not run, you will be first to know about the next programs offered by the City of Mandurah.


A few important things…

Child Care/Creche

Unfortunately Child Care is not available.   

What if I miss a session?

I’ve got you covered!   We will be running group coaching sessions which will be open to Q&A online on Mondays.

What if I’ve got sooo many questions?

You are in a safe and supportive environment.  I love questions, and there is plenty of opportunity, either in the in real life sessions, or in the facebook group, or even after the  program finishes.

What if I think Belle is really awesome and want to give her a pot plant at the end of the 9 weeks?

You are strongly advised not to do this.

Belle has black thumbs.   Avoid plant giving for the sake of the plants.

She has killed peace lillies, cacti, kokedemas, and even a plastic plant met its demise (do not place near heater!).

The best gift is turning up, taking action and having fun!



I’m really excited to meet you and support you in your journey!!