Ever feel like you could be a little braver with your business or your life?

I do.  I mean, I’m pretty brave in business – yet definitely needed some more space for fun. 

 Recently I embarked on a little side project with my good gal pal, Julia of Parental Misadventures fame.  It all came about after I hit a bit of a slump in early January – you know the slumps – where you are curled up with your blanket and ugly cry despite having a pretty good life.   Anyway, after a boogie boarding session at the beach, Julia and I had a chat about not sitting on the sidelines.

We started the Good Life Ladies project to be brave and have some fun. 

Each Friday at about 5pm (ish) we have a chat on our new facebook live show on how we have been brave during the week, or talk to people that we really admire who are being brave with their own life.

At the time of writing this, we have done things like:

  • Attempted to learn pole fitness with the amazing  and beautiful Nicky Greenalgh who is living with Follicular Lymphoma – an incurable cancer.
  • Tried our hand at surfing with who I’m nicknaming Dundee of the Sea – and who is a level 10 honesty person.  If you are surfing shit, he yells out “that was shit”.  (but that is a whole other story)
  • Talked about mental wellness and our experiences with depression, either as someone who lives with it, or who has watched someone near and dear fight it.
  • Dealing with Judgy Mc Judgersons

You get the drift….

This last week I had to face my BIGGEST fear.

A fear that has sat there since childhood. -Wait…actually it  has also jumped right off the toilet seat and led me to stand screaming in my back yard.

I know that mindset is the bomb diggity when it comes to succeeding.

This is a child hood embedded fear, just to be clear.  Maybe its more of a phobia.

You ready?

OK – I am scared of freaking frogs. 

So what did we do?  Invite a wildlife expert on the show.  Oh happyfroggindays…. NOT!!

Each time during the lead up to this event, I’d feel my heart race a little faster, my palms get a little more clammy, and my pants get a little tighter from stress eating cookies.  I honestly thought fear would burn calories – my pants say otherwise.

I had to find a way to switch this fear based mindset around and be brave

There were a couple of goals I’d set myself for the facebook live…

  1. Not accidentally throw the frog at the wall
  2. Not pee my pants on a live stream
  3. Not vomit
  4. Not drink any alcohol before the event because I believe in facing my fears head on, and not numbing down dramas.
  5. Successfully hold a frog for the first time in my life and NOT DIE!!!

I can generally summons a switch to focus like a laser beam when I want to achieve anything work related.  This was different.

I needed to tap into my creativity, and find some of those mindset tools I like to use.

One of my favourites is putting paralysing problems on a scale of 1 – 100, and finding something worse  to help shift me forward.

I had to come up with something which experientially would be worse than touching or holding a frog. 

I needed something a little quirky and not over the top dramatic like say losing a loved one  (I’ve lost a few – I don’t like going there, it makes me ugly cry on tap)

I started to forrage through my brain looking for things where overcoming my fear of frogs would be the better option if my life depended on it.

Enter Donald Trump. 

Now I’m sure if Donald Trump is scared of frogs,  I’m sure he’d rather touch a frog than kiss me (note – not an invitation).

This is how I created the switch in mindset…..I started asking myself the question –

Would I rather kiss Donald Trump or be brave and touch a frog?

Fair to say, I’m a highly visual person, and hands down, every time I imagined the Trumpnado face comin’ at me – the frog experience looked like a better option. Can you relate?  As we got further into the show, no amount of deep yogic breathing was going to cut it.   I tried to channel my inner Miyagi, my inner Yoda – any of my inners mindset masters just didn’t cut it.  

I even had a freak out when they were just trying to get me to hold some squidgy moss. 

What’s a mother to do  but visualise the alternate option…. the frog is not  Donald Trump.

If you want to see this mindset tip in action, here’s some options on what you can do:

  1. You can get on over to this episode of the  Good Life Ladies and listen for me muttering “you are not Donald Trump” to my little green nemesis.
  2. Drop me a note in the comments and let me know: Do you have something to overcome where  visualising a DT pash will spur you into action?
  3. Share this blog with someone who needs to be brave.  Every time you do a Trumpnado smoochy face magically appears to help them face fears.



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