Rebelle Woman Magazine Launch News

That’s right!  One of the goals I have been toying with in the back of my mind since somewhere around the end of 2016 was to launch a magazine that I wish was around when I started out – you know, a central point with all the real stories of people a year or three into their journey – not the 10 year multi billion dollar veterans who tell you, but don’t really tell you if you get what I mean.


We are launching an online magazine!! WOO!!


When:  1st September  to tell those grass roots stories & help grow business for women, regardless of their age, race, sexual orientation, spirituality, social standing or beliefs in ironing eating kale & all that jazz.


To find out more, about what she stands for, click the image and read  the vision, goal and submission guidelines..  

Please note, branding is not yet final, and there will be more info to come, but I wanted to give you the option to be part of something amazing.  The mag has its own site being built as we speak, and if you are featured, you will be able to link back in! Yay!



Wanna Collaborate & Contribute?

To set the deadline reminder, complete the deets below.  You can even upload your files


I’m really excited about this new initiative, and please feel free to share this page if you know a woman worthy of being featured.