How to life laugh and love your way through your business as a female entrepreneur


Spring is a season which signals change – and I love change  not only in business but also in life – whether we are going from Summer to Fall, or Winter to Spring, I like seeing it happen.

In the case of my family and friends it is birthday season (I accidentally collect Virgos – they are good people!)

  The funny thing about birthday season is it means children’s birthday cakes, kids in the kitchen, kids everywhere, and stuffed animal breeding season.  It can (and sometimes does) mean stress.  Don’t stick your fingers in the cake. Don’t eat the left over icing.  Don’t don’t don’t. Doh’nt!  Don’t worry… Pass mamma a sangria!




These tips on choosing a focus on well being apply to work and home life.


Well being - choose what energy you want to experience for your business and life

Live with intention for your well being in business and life


  1. Choose the energy you want to experience  There is a great blog by Danielle LaPorte which talks about noticing what feels heavy and what feels light.  This heaviness, or feeling like we are living weighed down comes from making choices that are not aligned to who we really are. To get to living with lightness can mean choosing the hard and heavy road, yet it is worth it. Link to Danielle’s blog here
  2. You live how you think Ask any coach, any top performer in their field, sports, media, whatever or any change professional, and they will agree that mindset and how you think is the first point.  We can experience what I would call “lazy brain”. Pay attention to thoughts and ask if they are enabling you, or disabling you from how you want to live, work, and to be remembered.
  3. Gratitude Attitude  Focusing on lack will just breed more lack.  Everyone’s circumstance is different, which is why I used the picture of the boat above from my trip to Vietnam a few years ago.  My life has not been smooth sailing, but I can focus on the good points.  I live in a country where I am free, I am supported, and I can create opportunity.
  4. Bless and Release to get to Peace  This does not mean you are grateful for being treated inappropriately.  You have purpose, you are important.  Remember that, & get support ( professionals if needed HR, therapists, counsellors, trainers) to remove negativity – food, people, thoughts.  Once you recognise it, learn from it, change it, and let it go.
  5. Time: You live it how you give it Yup.  Take responsibility for your time. It’s your life.  You own it.  Learn what to say yes to, and what to say no to.



     Laugh your way to well being (it’s supposed to be a mermaid, ok!)        

    well being tips laughing through your failures as an entrepreneur




OK so those kids’ birthday parties I was talking about, I pride myself on making their cakes, and trust me – they look like an untrained cake hack made them.   Well, the above picture kindly kept  by my best friend is what was supposed to be “pirates and mermaids”.  The pirates, low technical level, look alright.  The mermaids… well, they didn’t make it to the table. Not age appropriate.

If at first you don’t succeed, laugh  it off and have another go

  1. Make mistakes ok.  By being able to laugh at yourself will get you through a few embarrassing moments.  It will also encourage others to have a go. Create a safe space to laugh –  one that is fun, not full of judgement and criticism. Whether you do this with your friends and cake pops fails (#notabaker) or in a close Facebook group where you can practice doing a live stream and get over your on camera jitters.
  2. Surround yourself with good friends they know the difference between laughing with you and laughing at you.   You want the first group.  Check back to see if they make your energy feel light or heavy,  That’s how you’ll know.
  3.  It’s all about timing  It takes a huge amount of vulnerability to allow a little silliness out, and there is a time and place.  Still, important to make space for this in your life. Remember, whatever makes you laugh will give you insight into what you stand for. (see above)
  4. Skills take time to master Work out whether you are feeling good about whatever it is you are learning and the “why” behind it.  Just remember that to master something takes time, and it is much better to be vulnerable and look back at your progress vs. giving up if it is something that brings you joy.


well being tip mumpreneur work from home

Love who you are and what you do as a person and entrepreneur


Manifest with a mantra: I am safe. I am able. I am abundant. I receive love. I am free – daily.


  1.  Choose self love, not self ish There is a big difference between generosity, and sacrifice, especially when it comes to love for others and love for self.  Love for self means you think about what you are teaching others through your actions, or through allowing their actions.  Are you living up to your values, and priorities?  This was a big one for me personally.  I want to teach my kids the importance of health and well being, so therefore my actions need to stack up.   Equally, I want to choose to work with clients who are aligned to my own values and energise me.  If you love what you do, it shows up!
  2. Choose to play to your strengths Life is that little bit easier if you love what you do, and it aligns to your naturally occuring talents and strengths.  Your efforts here will translate into greater productivity, more positive moments in life, and greater profitability.  Find out your top five strengths here
  3. Choose changing your space to one you love Our environment plays a big role with reaching the goals we love.  It tells the story of our energy and our values visually – be it the clothes we are wearing, or the colour of our walls in our business and home.  Need to know more? Check out an article on colour psychology  from Medical Daily here
  4. Be vulnerable to let love in, listen to your instincts, let the walls down and smile from the inside out. We don’t know all aspects of business, and it’s important to be ok with making mistakes as part of the learning process, AND asking for help.   If you need, practice the little mantra above.  It works a treat!

I’d love to hear what is one change you can choose to put in place that will help with your well being as a work from home entrepreneur and business owner.  Share in the comments below.


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With gratitude,