Work from home tips:  

How to handle business calls like a boss

with kids around

If there is one thing I have learned over the past 7 odd years of doing the home business hustle (from being a mother who works in an office, to working  from home for someone, to being an entrepreneur , I know one thing…

Kids are unpredictable, but manageable.  Enter the Home Business Hustle – What a dance, indeed!!

My very first “working mother call” was when my daughter was four months old.  My return to work plan meant I could start back to work from home.  How lucky.

I thought I had the work from home business hustle all covered.

She’d been fed, was a good baby, and ready for a sleep.  I had a call with my team scheduled for 15 minutes past nap time when a poobomb set itself off.   Phone in one hand, I deftly spoke with my team and changed a diaper with another.  To this day, she is still quite easy to multitask with.

Her brother (now 4) however, has a set of lungs that belong to either a rock star or an olympic swimmer (I’m hoping for the latter); suffers from night terrors, and all in all is a LOUD energetic, little boy (sleeping or awake).

Now as a full time entrepreneur/single parent I do this dance a lot more, so I thought it would be worthwhile sharing a few insider tips of what to do when you can’t really get out of rescheduling or returning an important call.

Here’s my 8 Tips to Doing Business Calls with Kids while you work from home

(plus a bonus  cheat sheet at the bottom)

1.Safety First!!

I know it goes without saying, when you do the home business hustle, but I will say it anyway.  Never ever put a call above the safety of your child or yourself.  As important as customers are, it’s a no driving while holding phones, leaving little ones unsupervised or in unsafe environments where curiosity can create carnage.

2.  Choose an age appropriate activity and space for your kids

Depending on the weather, an outdoor park can work well for calls.   For older kids, play dates can be magic.  Play dates for kids aged kindy or older are actually my secret productivity weapon.

3.  Hands free

Ensure you have a headset handy, and are in your own space where you can listen, type or take notes.

4. Set a timer for your kids

Tell them about the fact that you will be on a call, and it would be appreciated if they could have their best behaviour.  Set a timer for them for the call (usually ten minutes longer than the actual call) and explain that when the timer goes, you will be free.

5. Encourage good behaviour with a reward

Now, this does not have to be anything extravagant like a pony, but it may be a fun activity to do together. Hide and seek tends to follow my business calls.

6. Let your call partner know your situation (goes without saying)

Reschedule your call if it really doesn’t suit them.  If it is a video call, explain that you may get skype-bombed (I have in the passed).

7. Be ready to press mute

This enables  you to listen to your caller, or block out any sibling issues that  may happen.

8. Follow through with the reward for the kids

Thanking them for their good behaviour encourages respect, and makes it easier next time you may have to have that work call that just can’t wait.

After reading through those tips, I’d love to know  what is your favourite tip for working from home and doing calls with kids?


PS:  If you think this is helpful, download the  free editable call planner & cheat sheet  with tips on set up and spaces to handle those situations like a pro.